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A Fully Computerised and Automated Library
TIMING : 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

The college has a well-stocked library, named as K K Handique Library, with a good variety and range of collections. Currently, it houses around 49764 books, national/international journals/periodicals in Assamese, Hindi and English languages and subscribes 15 national and local dailies. Moreover, it has a good collection of Encyclopaedias relating to different subjects. For the benefit of library users, a Xerox machine is also installed inside the library premises.

The library has already introduced book searching facilities, to its readers through OPAC. The borrowing of books facilities (circulation) has also been introduced to the college students through SOUL software and it will be extended to the teachers shortly.

A new UGC networking center has been introduced in the library for academic purposes. The library has a relevant section with net connection for the benefit of students and teachers. The K K Handique Library is going to subscribe various numbers of e- Journals from “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly content” and digitization works of 13 old manuscripts (Sachipotia Puthi) is going on.

Library Management

Library Staff
Library Comittee
  1. Haresh Dutta, M.LISc, M.Phil - Librarian
  2. Rajib Saikia - Asstt. Librarian
  3. Azifa Khatoon - Library Assistant
  4. Budhin Dutta - Library Bearer
  5. Rajen Bora - Library Bearer
  6. Rana Saikia - Data Entry Operator
  7. Debojit Bora - Library Bearer
  8. Pranjal Sharma - Library Bearer
  9. Prodip Goswami - Library Bearer
  10. Debahuti Baruah - Library Asst. (Com.)
  1. Dr. Bimal Barah, Principal - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Putul Barua, Vice Principal
  3. Mr. Haresh Dutta, Librarian - Coordinator
  4. Mrs. Anita Sarma - Member
  5. Dr. Nurul Amin - Member
  6. Dr. B.P. Sarma - Member
  7. Dr. Mridul Kr. Dutta - Member
  8. Dr. Gautam Kalita - Member
  9. Mrs. Pranami Bania - Member
  10. Ms. Raagini Mahanta - Student Member

Library Rules

  1. All students admitted into J.B. College are members of the college library by virtue of the library fees they pay along with the tuition fees.
  2. Every student using the college library will be given library cards in the following manner:
    • HS Course -01
    • Degree and PG Courses -02
  3. Students will be entitled to keep books for two weeks, i.e., fourteen days from the date of the issue and it must be returned to the library at the end of the period. There is provision of re-issue of the same book to the same person if it is not wanted by someone else in which case the book may be retained for a further period of one week. The librarian may recall a book at any time. A student failing to return a book on the due date will be fined a minimum of Rs. 10/-.
  4. A student who wishes to take a book shall fill in a lending slip which will be provided at  the counter of the library free of cost and present it at the issue counter along with library card.
  5. A student is not entitled to borrow a book against the library card of others. If detected, he/she will be punished or fined.
  6. Final year students must return their library books along with the library cards before getting the Admit Card of the final examination.
  7. Internet Service is provided to the students free of cost.
  8. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library. Students will have to switch off their mobile phones when they enter the library. Books have to be replaced if lost or damaged. Students found mutilating library books or periodicals or magazines will be subject to disciplinary action.
  9. The college library is open on all the working days of the college from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. The following is the schedule for borrowing books by the students:
    Day-I -- For all B.A. Classes
    Day-II -- For all B.Sc. Classes
    Day-III -- For all B.Com. Classes
    Day-IV -- For all P.G. Classes
    Day-V -- For all HS 2nd Year Classes
    Day-VI -- For all HS 1st Year Classe

Library Collection

Present Collection:

  1. a) Total no. of books as on 31.3.2014 : 49,764 Nos.
    b) Total no. of books as on 31.3.2015 : 50,349 Nos.
  2. No. of books added during the period from 1.4.2014 to 31.3.15 :
    a) General purchase : 362 Nos.
    b) Donated Books : 223 Nos.
    c) Govt. Grant : Nil
    d) UGC Grant : Nil
    e) Bound Magazine : 49 No.
  3. a) No. of Journal subscribed : 26 Nos.
    b) Free of Cost : 23 Nos.
  4. No of News papers :
    a) Assamese : 6 Nos.
    b) English : 6 Nos.
    c) Hindi : 1 No.


List of Journals:

(a) Subscribed

  1. ACCST Research Journal
  2. Astrophysics and Astronomy
  3. Bulletin of Material Science
  4. Current Science
  5. Desh (Bengali)
  6. Gariyoshi
  7. India Today
  8. Indian Accounting Review
  9. Journal of Bio-Sciences
  10. Journals of Chemical Science
  11. Journal of Genetics
  12. Mainstream
  13. Monthly Public Opinion
  14. Poyobhara
  15. Pramana
  16. Prantik
  17. Proceedings of Mathematical Sciences
  18. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
  19. Resonance
  20. Sadhana
  21. Competition Affairs
  22. Science Reporter
  23. Sports Star
  24. The Deccan Geographer
  25. University News
  26. Yojana

Moreover more than 6,000 e-journals and 97,000 e-books are subscribed by the College library from N-LIST.


b) Unsubscribed

  1. Asomiya Saregama
  2. NE News letter
  3. Sainik Samachar
  4. The Sikh Review
  5. NBT News letter
  6. Vedanta Kesari
  7. Dream
  8. Arogya Sudha
  9. Dastabez
  10. Religion and Philosophy
  11. CSIR News letter
  12. Vijnan Prakash
  13. NE Computer Today
  14. Indian Literature
  15. Co-ordinates
  16. MLBD News letter.
  17. Day After
  18. Careers
  19. Drishti
  20. Akayara
  21. Chartered Accountant Student
  22. Sahitya Samachar
  23. Dialogue


Resources and Services

Resources :

1. In Printed Format

  • Books : 50,349 Nos.
  • Titles : 33,813 Nos.
  • Journals and Magazines subscribed : 49 Nos.
  • Dictionaries : 144 Nos.
  • Encyclopaedias : 71 titles

2. In Digital Format

  • Old Manuscripts : 1888 pages
  • Rare & Reference Books: 45,364 pages
  • J’Bian : 45 Issues
  • E-Books : 97,100 Plus
  • E-Journals : 6000 Plus.


Services :
1. From Library

  • Reference Services
  • Reading facility with 100 seating capacity
  • Lending of Books
  • Free Internet for bonafied members
  • Photostat

2. From Inflibnet

  • Nlist connectivity
  • Soul software 2.0