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Examination and Evaluation

  1. Examination and Evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, at least three times during each
  2. There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for End-Semester examination in each
    course during every semester.
  3. There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer scripts of the end-semester examinations.
    However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.
  4. A student who has less than 80% attendance (in theory and practical as applicable) shall not be permitted to sit for the end-semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists.
  5. There shall be one End Semester examination carrying 80% Marks in each course of a semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the course.
  6. Setting of question papers, moderation of question papers, evaluation of answer scripts, scrutiny, tabulation of marks etc. and announcement of results shall be governed by the Dibrugarh University Examination Ordinance, 1972 (as amended upto date)
  7. Practical Examination of a Semester shall normally be held prior to the End Semester Examinations. No
    betterment shall be allowed in the Practical Examinations.
  8. A candidate shall be declared passed a semester provided he/she passes all the courses of a semester
  9. A candidate shall be entitled to a maximum of three chances to clear a course.
  10. If a candidate clears the sixth semester examination before clearing all the courses of the previous
    semesters, the result of the sixth semester examination of that candidate shall be withheld till he/she clears the courses of the previous semeters.
  11. A student must pass all his/her semester examinations within FIVE (5) years from the date of admission to the First Semester of any programme.
  12. Since the Semester System involves continuous assessment, there shall be no scope for a student to
    appear as a private candidate in any programme in this system.


Rules for Internal Assessment in BA/B.Sc./B.Com. Programmes in Semester System :

The marks alloted for Internal Assessment (20%) in each course shall be based on the following :

  1. Sessional Examination I (Written) - 25% of the marks alloted for Internal Assessment.
  2. Sessional Examination II (Written) - 25% of the marks alloted for Internal Assessment.
  3. Seminar/Group Discussion/Home Assignment - 25% of the marks alloted for Internal Assessment.
  4. Attendance - 25% of the marks alloted for Internal Assessment.
  • The marks of internal assessment secured by a candidate shall be carried over to next legitimate chances.
  • If any student fails to appear in internal assessment he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the end-semester examinations of the course(s) concerned. The college/ institutes shall notify the same.
  • If a course is taught by more than one teacher then the concerned teachers shall conduct the process of internal assessment jointly. It would be a part of his/her normal duty.