About The Department
    The Department of Statistics was established in the year 1954. Statistical understanding is an essential tool for comprehension of the world and it empowers one with the capacity for rational thinking and judgement. So the vision and mission of the Department have been to develop statistical understanding of the students.
    For the first nine years (1954- 1965) the Department offered a non-major course in the subject. A Pre-degree course was introduced in 1965.Since 1967 the Department has been offering a Degree Major course in Statistics along with a Pre-degree course (now Higher Secondary course).
    So far 124 students have received a first class in their BSc Statistics Major. There are three Best Graduates among them. They are Kamala Kanta Nath(1994), Mallika Devi(1997) and Pinky Roy(2014). Many of the students are now holding responsible posts in India and abroad.
    During 1954-1965 the Department was ably headed by the following teachers:
    Nilim Barua (September 1954); Nanidhar Kalita (October 1954-June 1955); Dhiren Choudhury (July 1955-October 1958); Satyendra Nath Sarmah (December 1958-December 1960); Khargeswar Bez, PhD (April 1961–December 1961); Arun Ch. Borthakur,PhD (January 1962–January 1965)
    Rudrasen Rajkumar, Surendra Nath Ghose, and Bhupen Neog on the other hand, each served the Department for a considerably long span of time.Rudrasen Rajkumar served the Department for long 23 years (1962-1995), Surendra Nath Ghose for 22 years (1965-1998), while Bhupen Neog for long 36 years (1973-2009).
    All of them also headed the Department during their service. When Bhupen Neog retired as Head in 2009, Nabin Chandra Dutta took over (2010-2012). Since 2013 Munmun Borah Borgohain has been acting as the Head of the Department.
    There are no active Departmental News and Events