About The Department
    The Department of Electronics is one of the academic departments of the Jagannath Barooah College. The Department came into existence in 2016 with the vision to convey excellence education for professional quality and promise for sustainable development. It offers a three-year B.Sc. Honours in Electronic Science.
    In the very short period, the department has achieved significant success in the implementation of academic activities to prepare students for the current technologies and practices in the area of Electronic Science and Technology.
    The department offers excellent learning and hand on practice facilities to enable the students to meet the upcoming challenges in the field of electronic science and technology and focuses on all updated topics and technologies with advanced syllabus program.
    The department has an independent setup with Classrooms and has a well-equipped laboratories facility for experiments in basic Electronic, Circuit Design, and Digital electronics. They also provide skill in various circuit simulation software and advanced languages.
    The course prepares students from the step down mathematical foundation for Electronics till its appliance to understand the design, analysis, and implementation of the real-life complex systems.
    In addition to the semester end examinations, the various activities were encouraged among the students to enhance their skills and personal confidence by arranging Group Discussions, seminars, and skill-based mini projects like designing various electronic circuits and fabricating PCB boards.
    Vision : To become a leading centre of excellence in Electronic Science to open up a platform to build-up knowledge from basic level to career-oriented skills in the field of electronics.
    Mission: i. To produce quality and value based education in the field of electronics and related various advanced software for circuit designing and analysis.
    ii. To mould the students to survive with an outstanding career-oriented baseto meet the growing challenges with an adequate understanding of scientific research, software to hands-on skills. iii. To train the students with strong foundations to qualify them for continuing education, synthesizing analytical competence, technical skills, and scientific research intellect.