About The Department
    The Department is a hub of literary activities and boasts of threevSahityacharyyas who were also the presidents of Asom Sahitya Sabha—the apex literary body of Assam. Teachers of the Department received various awards including Sahitya Akademy and another Soviet Desh Nehru Award. The alumni also made their mark in Assam’s literary world.
    Date of establishment: 10th October, 1930
    Recognition of present Teachers : Faculty members received various award in recognition of their Literary Activities. Dr Manik Saikia was awarded ‘Giridhar Sarmah Memorial Award’ for the Novel ‘Pitamahar Sarosaryya’ in the year 1993-94 organised by Asom Sahitya Sabha.Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika adjudged as National Poet & Jury Member from 2008-2015 by Sahitya Akademi and awarded her the Travel Grant b